This 84-foot world-class expedition yacht, Northern Song, is safe, functional, comfortable and was designed and constructed from steel with the same rugged integrity of vessels built for Alaska's renowned commercial fisheries. It offers an ideal balance of public and personal space with ample outdoor areas for play and lounging.When guests step on board, they experience the “wow” of the expansive open design. You won’t feel crowded on this boat. You’ll enjoy the spacious salon, covered decks and excellent viewing areas. You’ll love your quarters, too! Choose from four beautiful guest staterooms, each with its own private bathroom and shower.

First, consider that anything that is supported on a moving base will only be as stable as the base it's on. Smaller boats respond to much smaller sea conditions than giant cruise ships, but there is a point when all floating objects will respond to the actions of the sea. This has been a challenge for mariners forever and there are some very successful systems to eliminate and minimize a boats roll today. Gyro stabilizers are activated hydraulically when the boat is moving and the results are unbelievable.

The Odds & Ends could be the longest list. They all add up to providing you with the most safe and functional boat of its kind. Thick molded decks and watertight bulkheads maximize soundproofing and make the boat virtually unsinkable. A 1000 gal/day water-maker supplements a 3000 gal fresh water storage tank and 2 separate water heaters assure ample hot water just like at home! The heavy duty hydraulic system and topside crane were selected from the commercial rather than yacht design. It means fast dependable anchoring, tender lifting and the ability to set and pull several shrimp or crab traps from great depths with no effort! The catch is measured by the bucket, not the individual piece. A catch translates into the freshest feast ever and is limited only by your tummy's capacity rather than by how many ways a shrimp or crab can be divided. Two generators provide electricity just like at home. In short, the boat was custom designed for what it does and it does it very well. Safety, comfort, function, and your pleasure are the basics continually adhered to.